Como integrar 2checkout en magento


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Hola a toda la comunidad,

Actualmente estoy tratando de integrar un nuevo metodo de pago llamado 2checkout en mi magento , no tengo mucha experiencia en esto por ello pido el apoyo de la comunidad , si me pueden guiar en este tema.


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Pues en la propia pagina de 2Checkout puedes encontrar la información:

  1. Download the 2Checkout Payment API module from Github
  2. Upload the files to your server under your store’s directory.
  3. Sign in to your Magento admin.
  4. Flush your Magento cache under System->Cache Management and reindex all templates under System->Index Management.
  5. Navigate to Payment Methods under System->Configuration->Payment Methods and open 2Checkout API.
  6. Enter in your 2Checkout Account Number (SID)
  7. Enter your Seller ID. (2Checkout Account Number)
  8. Enter your Publishable Key. (2Checkout Publishable Key)
  9. Enter your Private Key. (2Checkout Private Key)
  10. Enter your Secret Word (Must be the same value entered on your 2Checkout Site Management page.)
  11. Select No under Sandbox Mode. (Unless you are tesing in the 2Checkout Sandbox)
  12. Select Complete under Order Status.
  13. Select Yes under Enabled for 2Checkout API and 2Checkout PayPal Direct.
  14. Save your changes


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O incluso esta opción parece aún mas facil, directamente te bajas el modulo de Mageno Connect:

  1. The 2Checkout payment extension is located at
  2. Login to your Magento admin and go to your Magento Connect and install this extension
  3. Once installed, click System Configuration and then click Payment Methods
  4. Select 2Checkout
  5. Select Yes for Enabled
  6. Enter in your 2Checkout Account Number (SID)
  7. Enter in your Secret Word (set on 2Checkout site management page)
  8. Choose to use either the single page or standard 2Checkout purchase routine
  9. Select whether or not you will be placing demo sales (If you have a 2Checkout demo account this needs to be set to Yes.)
  10. (Optional) Enter your 2Checkout API username and password (this is only required if you use the new Pass Through Products parameter set and Live Refunds) If you have not yet created an API user, please login to your 2Checkout account, This username and password can then be entered in API username and password fields in Magento.
  11. (Optional) Select whether or not you want to use Pass Through Products. (This provides a much cleaner looking integration but requires you to invoice the orders in Magento with in 7 days to settle the transaction. An API username and password is required to handle the invoicing (marking sales as shipped).)
  12. (Optional) Select whether or not your want to enable Live Refunds. (This uses the 2Checkout API to issue a live refund to the customer when you issue a credit memo in Magento.)
  13. (Optional) Select Yes on either “Invoice Automatically Before 2Checkout Fraud Review” or “Invoice Automatically After 2Checkout Fraud Review”. (Invoicing makes downloads available to customers and if you are using the Pass Through Products, marks the sales as shipped at 2Checkout. 2Checkout does their own fraud review with in a few hours of the sale being placed so you can choose to either wait for a pass on the review or provide it immediately.)
  14. (Optional) Finally you can choose to restrict any countries from using this payment method by using the Payment Applicable From selection
  15. Save your changes