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Magento 2 Add Sale Stickers To Product Images allow Store Owners to add an attractive label on products images to display various offers on category and product pages. You can display different offers on your Product images which will help to boost your sales X6. You can create multiple labels and attach them to the product.
You can set the position of labels anywhere you want on Product Images. The extension Add Sale Stickers to Product Image also allow you to create separate labels for category and product detail pages. You can manage both of them separately.

Powerful Key Features
  1. Add Attractive and Customizable Labels to Products Images
  2. Ready-made Shapes to Create Attractive Labels
  3. Show Multiple Text & Image Labels on Products
  4. Restrict Labels by Customer Groups & Store Views
  5. Attach Labels to Specific Products using Flexible Condition
  6. Option to Upload Different Labels for Products & Listing Pages
  • 45 days money back
  • FREE lifetime support
  • FREE lifetime upgrades
  • 2 Minutes installation
  • Developed by Magento certified developers
  • Verified by Market Place


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