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Buenas amigos,

Una duda, paypal me captura mal el importe total! Es decir

Producto A 10 euros
Tasa por pagar por Paypal 1 euro
Envios y Manipulación 6,90 euros
Total 10+1+6.90=17.90 euros

Pasarela de pago paypal
Envios y manipulación: 6.90
Total 24.8 euros

Alguna idea de pq captura esto? El pago lo tengo configurado como por correo, ns si es correcto. Además tengo un pluguin para aumentar un 4% el precio si se paga por paypal.

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Aqui la solución, justo la encontre la comparto

This is a rather old question but as I ran into the same issue with a customer today I'd thought I share the solution to this problem for future reference.

The solution is to disable the "Transfer Cart Line Items" option for the PayPal payment method you are using. By disabling this, Magento will no longer give details about the totals, tax and shipping to PayPal. It will simply tell PayPal to charge the customer for a single item (for which you can specify your own text under "Summary Text for Aggregated Cart") with a value of the total order amount.

The bug seems to be in Magento though and not in PayPal. I think it only occurs when your shipping fees do not include sales tax and Magento has to add the sales tax in the grand total.
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