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Automatic updates of WordPress, WooCommerce, plugins and themes

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It is quite common not to be able to properly take care of our website in WordPress but we must know that there are important updates for both WordPress itself and the plugins or themes that your website uses.

In FactoriaDigital you can keep your WordPress automatically updated, as well as its plugins and templates, including WooCommerce.

To do this we provide the WordPress Manager tool , which you can find in your control panel.

Important note before you start:
in some cases automatic updates may cause your website to stop working completely or partially, this is because there may be incompatibilities between plugins and / or templates and the version of WordPress or WooCommerce to which you update.

We remind you that our WordPress and WooCommerce hosting plans, among other security measures, include the "Patchman" tool that applies security patches regularly in the core of WordPress and WooCommerce without the need to update the version, which has the advantage of avoiding such incompatibilities with plugins and templates that do not support the new version or are not updated.

Patchman gives us an additional margin of time by resolving core security issues, but it does not patch themes and only the 7 most popular WordPress plugins (there are thousands of plugins currently), that is another factor to take into account at the security level.

Our recommendation is to update from the administration of your WordPress with a manual review of the result and the web. If any problem arises you can always restore easily from a backup
, we generate copies automatically every day so you don't have to worry.

How to activate the automatic updates of WordPress, WooCommerce, plugins and templates?

You can log in to your control panel automatically like this:

1. Log in to the client area and click on "secure client access".

If you do not remember your password for the client area, click on "Forgot your password? request a new one by clicking here".
Enter your email address (the one you used to sign up) and a reminder will be sent to that email address.

2. At the top you will see services, click on my services.

3. A list of the services you have will appear, click on the name.

4. On the left you will see a button to access the cPanel control panel.

5. Click on that button

Once we access our cPanel, you must look for the "software" section and inside it "WordPress Manager FD".


When accessing we will find the installations that currently exist, but if it does not appear you can scan the entire hosting so that they are added in that section.


By clicking on the arrow on the right, you will see all the options that the tool gives us, such as cloning, staging, restore, update themes, plugins or WordPress itself. Here you can activate the automatic updates of plugins and themes and in the dropdown you must check the option you prefer. For example you can check "Update only minor versions", minor versions are usually bug fixes that do not generate incompatibilities with plugins or templates as can happen with a major version update.

This will keep the WordPress base updated without our intervention.

You will also see that below there are options to enable or disable automatic updates of WordPress plugins and / or themes (templates). This is already more sensitive, it can happen that your website stops working totally or partially in an automatic update and you do not realize it.


Si todavía tienes dudas, contacta con nosotros y te ayudamos.

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