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Create wordpress clone or staging from cpanel

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As we know, wordpress has a multitude of tools and updates, for that reason, it is often important to have a space apart from our main website for testing, major updates or installation of plugins or themes. To do this, from factoriadigital, we provide the Wordpress Mnanager FD, which you can find in the cpanel, these data are the ones we send you when hiring your plan.

You can enter your cpanel automatically like this:

1. Enter the client area: and click on "secure client access".
If you do not remember your password for the client area, click on "Forgot your password? request a new one by clicking here".
Enter your email address (the one you used to register) and a reminder will be sent to that email address.

2. At the top you will see services, click on my services.

3. A list of the services you have will appear, click on the name.

4. On the left you will see a button to access the cpanel control panel.

5. Click on that button

Continuing with wordpress, once we access our cpanel, you must look for the "software" section and inside it "Wordpress Manager FD".


When accessing we will find the installations that currently exist, but if it does not appear you can scan the entire hosting to be added in that section.


Once located the wordpress installation that we want to clone, just click on the right arrow to see all the options that the tool gives us, such as clone, staging, restore, update themes, plugins or wordpress itself, although preferably we recommend to do the updates from the wordpress admin, it is much safer. In this case we will focus on two options:

Clone: It is used to have an identical copy of our website, but it can not be used to move it to production with a click.
Staging: It is used to create a copy of the web, with which we can work and move it to production when we finish, replacing the one that exists as the main one. This option is usually used for example if an update is going to be made, if it fails it can be deleted, but if everything goes correctly, just by clicking on push to live it would be passed as the main one already updated.


If we click on clone, we must choose for example the installation directory, this is an important step, since that directory name would be the one that we would use to access the clone, for example In this case, in the field of "in Directory" we must put development. Once this field is set, we only have to go down a little with the cursor and click on "Clone Installation".


If instead of the clone, we choose staging, a similar form would come out, where we must also fill in the directory field and in this case click on "Create Staging".


Once finished we only have to go back to the previous page and reload the browser, then our staging installation will appear. Now you can work with it and when you finish you can pass it as the main one.
Go back to "Wordpress Manager FD" . click on the right side of the staging copy you have been working with or updating and you will see the option "change the web published by staging".


Once you access it, just click on the "push to live"button and it will replace the main website with the staging.


Si todavía tienes dudas, contacta con nosotros y te ayudamos.

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